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Racing Trucker   

Fed up with driving tin-pot fragile cars? Wanna more power, more force, more shattering energy? Than it's high time to board a heavy truck! Racing Trucker is a game for real men. Hit the gas, shake down the obstacles and don't forget to collect the prizes which will help you win the race. But remember of the cargo as well, you have to deliver it to the base in time. Sly and smart rivals are going to be in your way, the strongest will win. Choose one of the five forceful trucks and show your mastery on a massive trailer. Come in first, leapfrogging and smashing the enemies, and get more bonus scores. The higher the level, the more tricky the road, the more cunning and speedy the rivals, and the bigger the prize. Inimitable graphics, spectacular sound background and thrilling plot are sure to captivate even an expierienced racer. Play the game Racing Trucker, get the scores and send them to the world table of records! You'll be able to contest with the racers from all over the globe! Don't miss your chance!

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Hinzugefügt am: 23-November-2006
Betriebssystem: Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Dateigrösse: 8498 KB
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